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Why Choose Us

We Are Locally Owned and Operated

Located in the heart of Atherton and run by a team of Atherton residents, we are a local, independent healthcare provider. We are proud of our community, and endeavour to offer the best quality eye care to its people.

We Provide Ongoing Care

With a friendly team who aren’t going anywhere, you can be rest assured that you’ll see the same optometrist and support staff for many years to come. This means you’ll receive trusted and personalised care from an optometrist who knows you and your eye health history, and always has your best interests at heart.

We Supply Premium Quality Products

From our frames to our lenses, every product in our store is carefully chosen to not only deliver on value but the very best quality.

Our Practice is Equipped with Leading Eye Care Technologies

We have advanced equipment to test your eyes thoroughly, ensuring that we’ll most accurately assess your vision requirements and therefore deliver the best solutions. Our high-end technology also means that we’ll detect any eye conditions or diseases as quickly as possible so that you can get treated as quickly as possible.

We Offer On the Spot Health Fund Claiming

To make your life easier, we can claim for you on the spot. This means no waiting around or sending off forms to get your claim processed.

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